Our Platform

  1. Engage a forensic accountant to review the books and make sure they comport with the Form 990 tax filings and annual reports
  2. Review expenses to determine where cuts can be made and why “temporary” dues increases have not been temporary
  3. Review systems and software and update where necessary
  4. Completely rebuild our Local website. Create a unique profile login for each member to customize an online dashboard of resources and calendars
  5. Update the membership directory
  6. Create the ability to pay your dues online, directly through our Local website—not the AFM website
  7. Immediately schedule a general membership meeting ahead of the AFM Convention which takes place June 17th-20th
  8. Schedule meetings with Orchestra Committees and area contractors to hear questions and concerns and review any open grievances
  9. Create a Local 77 master calendar that would allow all members to view the Union ensemble rehearsals and performance schedules
  10. Establish regular communication with the membership via email and mailers. Our current email structure for the US4You77 campaign will be the model for communication moving forward with the members
  11. Work with membership and legal counsel to update antiquated procedures and By-Laws
  12. Create an agency within the Union that would be responsible for booking event bands and chamber music for wedding/corporate events. This is a multi-million dollar industry that has zero connection to our Union
  13. Organize a diversity sub-committee to help implement new practices for all members
  14. Work toward organizing theaters in our area that are not unionized for musicians, but are unionized for actors and stage hands. In many cases, members make more money playing high school shows
  15. Institute a showcase model for new members and ensembles that want to be booked through the Union
  16. Establish a relationship with the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO to bridge communications between our Local and the over 100 local labor Unions in Philadelphia

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